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Max Steel: The Great Turbo Star Caper

Feeling the pressure of Makino's approaching planet ship, Max Steel tells Forge he wants to finish what his father started - he wants to use the Turbo Star to destroy Makino. Dredd is also feeling the pressure. He knows that if he doesn't have the Turbo Star working by the time Makino arrives, Makino will simply destroy Dredd along with the rest Of planet Earth! Dredd tries his own energy to power it... but it's not working! He needs Max Steel. He needs Max Steel's Turbo Energy. He needs Steel as a part of the weapon itself. Dredd sets about capturing Max Steel... and SUCCEEDS. What Dredd doesn't realize that this is all a big double-cross set up by Max and Steel! Oh yeah! Who's the big chess-master, sees-twelve-moves-in-advance evil villain now?! Max Steel finally has his big confrontation with Dredd ... defeating DREDD in a big, big way! And, retrieving all three pieces of the Turbo Star. Forge reluctantly agrees, but there's only one problem, one part of the Turbo Star is damaged and needs to be repaired. Which is good. Because here comes Makino's Alphalink and Armada! He has arrived!

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