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Super 4: The Honor of the Pirate / Haunted Castle

The Honor of the Pirate
Ruby is accused of stealing a precious necklace from the Fairy Queen. Outcast by everyone, including her friends, she decides to prove her innocence and capture the real thief. She realizes that the stolen necklace is actually a key that gives access to a fabulous treasure...in the Lost World. Ruby goes there, convinced that she will still find the thief... And in fact, she catches Shark Beard in the act, escaping with the necklace and the treasure it allowed him to access. Shark Beard escapes with the treasure, leaving Ruby with the necklace that burdens her as well as a T-Rex on her heels! Her friends arrive and save her, but Ruby heads off to find Shark Beard and make him admit his crime. Which leads our heroes to a final battle against Shark Beard on his ship, at the end of which the captured pirate will admit everything to the fairies and give Ruby her honor back.

Haunted Castle
On the occasion of Dr. X's first visit to King Kenric, a ghost appears in the Castle! Alex and his friends will have to do everything they can to chase away the pesky spirit… But is it a real ghost?

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