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Super 4: Rage of the Dragon / A Robot at the Fairies

Rage of the Dragon
Ruby gets turned into a dragon by that spiteful, vengeful little fairy witch, Baba Cara. As she flies away, she sets fire to everything in her way. Later, in dragon territory, Gene, Alex, Twinkle and Alien see Ruby’s hat in the dragon’s snout and mistakenly presume their friend got gobbled up. Enter, the Dark Baron and his merry band of hunters, out to capture a dragon as a bride-price for Princess Leonore’s hand. At that very moment, though, Twinkle realizes this dragon is actually Ruby. Preventing fire-breathing Ruby-Dragon from becoming the Baron’s prey will mean taking a lot of heat! In the end, the Dark Baron leaves empty-handed and humiliated.

A Robot at the Fairies
While on Enchanted Island with our young heroes, Twinkle tries her hand at redecorating the palace’s throne room, hoping thus to gain the Queen’s forgiveness. Alas, a nervous fairy’s spells are doomed to backfire, and this one sets off a major disaster. The only way to clean up the mess before the Queen returns is to rush over to Technopolis to fetch CleanO, the cleaning robot. The robot restores order. The throne room is spotless. All is well. Everyone sighs in relief. But just then, CleanO takes off again at high speed and out of control, wreaking havoc. Gene pleads with Twinkle and the other fairies to do the unthinkable: use magic!

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